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An Exciting New Opportunity

Web RadioRecent developments in technology make it possible for us to reach the whole world with our programs at a fraction of the cost of radio broadcasts. How? By streaming audio on the Internet. Anyone with Internet access, anywhere in the world, not just those in Pakistan and northwest India, can listen to our Gospel programs.


For the past 50 years the focus of our outreach ministry has been the heart of the Urdu-speaking part of the world of Islam: the country of Pakistan and, to a certain extent, northwestern India. We reach into these areas with the message of Christ by shortwave radio. We are also concerned about the multitudes of Urdu-speakers who have migrated elsewhere. For example, there are now large communities in London, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Toronto and Vancouver B.C. where Urdu is spoken.

When we returned to the United States in 1976, one of our hopes was to expand our broadcast ministry to some of these migrant groups – specifically, as a first step, to the large Indo-Pakistani community in Vancouver, B.C. Unfortunately, we never had the resources to do it.

Now, everything is about to change. We intend, with God's blessing, to go live with our own Internet radio station sometime in April. System testing and program scheduling is almost complete.

Since Shortwave radio is still the best way to reach the rural areas of Pakistan, we intend to continue our current broadcasts, but we are excited about this new opportunity. Now, in addition to the eleven, 15 minute programs per week which we broadcast by shortwave, our Internet-radio programs will be available 24 hours a day to anyone with internet access. Please pray with us that this will enable many more to hear the gospel. Please also pray that we will be able to follow-up and nurture the additional inquirers as we ought.

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