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A New Miniseries

Large portions of Pakistan were devastated by floods in 2010. One of the radio networks we use asked all of its program suppliers to prepare programs which would be relevant to that crisis. As a result of this request, we prepared a miniseries on natural disasters.


There are seven programs in this series.

1) Effects of the Fall. This program explains that natural disasters were not part of God’s original design. They are one of the consequences of Adam and Eve’s choice to let sin into the world. Nature is cursed because of what they did. Just as sin has distorted the original order of nature, it has also distorted our relationship to God. However, in Christ the curse is lifted.

2) Why Does God Allow Us to Suffer in Natural Disasters? In this program we explore the many causes why natural disasters occur. They may result from wrongdoing. Conversely, they come upon us because we are righteous! The key to triumphing over them is to remember that our Redeemer lives.

3) Nothing Can Separate Us From the Love of Christ. Troubles come to everyone whether they are in Christ or not. When trouble does come, we tend to think that God has turned away from us. But this is not the case.

4) Sharing With Those In Need. Natural disasters bring destruction in their wake. The needs far outstrip the resources of any one person. However, when each contributes what he can, whether it is much or little, needs can be met. God takes the little we are able to do and multiplies it in unexpected ways.

5) Prayer. According to the Bible’s teaching, prayer can often mitigate the effects of natural disasters, or prevent them altogether.

6) Preparation. In this program we give some practical advice which could help minimize the impact of a natural disaster. Of course, the biggest disaster for which we should prepare is the destruction of this world. At that time each of us will have to give an account to God.

7) The Testing of Faith. One reason God allows us to experience trouble and natural disaster is so we can get an accurate appraisal of our faith. Trouble can refine us and make us stronger. 

You can read the full scripts of these programs at http://www.awazehaq.com/taxonomy/term/92


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