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An Important Milestone

This April marks the second anniversary of the launch of our Internet radio station – Awaz-e-Haq World Radio. Each day we present a four-hour block of content, which is repeated six times. This gives us round-the-clock coverage and people can tune in regardless of which time zone they live in.

During the last two years we’ve seen a significant increase in the number of listeners. So far in 2014 we are averaging a little over 1,100 hits per day. Even more encouraging is the number of unique listeners. In the last month over 2,000 different people tuned in for an average of 19 minutes.

We started broadcasting over shortwave in 1971. Since then, our shortwave broadcasts have expanded from one, fifteen minute program per week to eleven per week.

&In the beginning our target was the country of Pakistan. Over the years, Urdu speaking people have migrated throughout the world. Now, through our Internet broadcasts we have the potential to reach them wherever they are. The following graphic illustrates where our audience is. As you can see, the Internet has enabled us to take the Gospel world-wide.

If you would like to take a listen, visit www.awazehaq.com and click on the “play” button.

Countries where people listen to Awaz-e-Haq World Radio

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