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New Promotional DVD

Promotional DVDEach year several hundred people gather at the Wi-Ne-Ma Christian Camp on the Oregon coast. For a full week they hear and learn about missions. Not only are there many messages and classes on the theology and methodology of mission, speakers also tell about what God is doing in specific areas around the world. It’s enlightening and encouraging to hear how the Gospel is making an impact – even in environments which are hostile to Christian and missionary influence. In addition to the messages and workshops, mission groups set up displays which highlight the work they do.

This year Joe and Bonnie Buckles represented us at the Wi-Ne-Ma Week of Missions. Joe suggested that in addition to our regular table-top display, we prepare a video to introduce our ministry. It’s hard to condense over 50 years of work into a 3 minute presentation. However, the effort paid off. The video generated a lot of interest – even among those who have known of our ministry for years. Something we didn’t anticipate, but should have, is a number of people asked for copies to share with their home congregations. If you would like a copy please contact us and we’ll send you one.

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