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Key Communications' Open HouseOn July 25, 2015 some 40 to 50 friends and supporters gathered for a time of fellowship at our new (to us) facilities. Though we’ve been using the place for months, this gathering marked our “official” opening.

The occasion was the 55th anniversary of our ministry to Pakistan – the Turner family first sailed to Pakistan in 1960! This is also our 44th year of broadcasting the Gospel in the Urdu language via short-wave radio. It’s our 4th year of broadcasting over the Internet.

In addition to touring our offices, library and recording studio, our guests enjoyed a buffet of Pakistani snacks and looking at a slide show of scenes of Pakistan and historical shots of our mission work. Our Internet station played in the background so people could hear what our programs sound like. As several had not seen one another for years, they enjoyed visiting and catching up with one another.

As a special blessing, Lee Turner was able to attend. Though still active in the ministry, a physical disability forces him to work from home. He is unable to climb stairs and our new offices are not handicap accessible. As a result, he had never before been inside or seen the new setup. Naturally, he was thrilled to see the facilities he’d heard so much about. Our guests were thrilled to see him, as it is extremely difficult for him to get out much. A face-to-face meeting is much more satisfying that a phone conversation.

Why the new place? Last Fall, our landlord told us he was selling the building where we were. The prospective buyers told us that they would have to double the rent for it to make economic sense for them. We figured that the same would be true even if the building sold to someone else. Since we couldn’t afford to pay that much, it triggered a search for a different place. A place we could afford wasn’t easy to find – especially since we faced a time crunch. Aside from not being handicap accessible, the new place has the disadvantage of being almost 2,000 square feet smaller than where we were. It’s taken us months to sort through 30 years of accumulation and down-size while, at the same time, keeping up with broadcast schedules. It didn’t help that we also had to construct a new sound booth for the studio.

But now the worst is over. Everything is pretty much organized and where it needs to be. We’re back in normal production. We’re recording new programs regularly. Thanks to all who came to help us celebrate this important milestone!

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