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Internet Radio Station Launched

Awaz-e-Haq World RadioOn Sunday, April 8, 2012, while Christians around the world were celebrating the resurrection of our Lord, we began streaming our Urdu language radio programs 24/7 on the Internet. We felt that Resurrection Sunday would be an appropriate time to give people another means to hear about the risen Christ.



This is a significant expansion for us. Historically, our ministry has focused on the country of Pakistan. Now, our programs can be heard anywhere in the world where there is Internet access. In view of this expansion we’re calling our new radio station “Awaz-e-Haq World Radio.” If you would like to listen, or you know someone who understands Urdu who would benefit from listening, go to www.awaz-e-haq.com and click on the “Play” button. Links are also available for smart-phones and tablet devices.

The response to the station has been encouraging. In the first week alone, there were over 3,000 hits. Most of these people were channel-surfers. However, several people tuned in for appreciable lengths of time. We are confident that as we are listed in more directories and more people find out about the station, the number of serious listeners will increase.

We’re also encouraged by the geographic location of the listeners. Almost all of the ones we have observed are outside the area covered by our short-wave broadcasts. In other words, these are people who have not had access to our programs before. For example, someone tuned in from Casablanca, Morocco and another from Jerusalem! There have also been many listeners from various cities in India. Others have tuned in from the Gulf States and even Saudi Arabia. We are confident that as the news gets out we’ll start to see listeners from Europe and the Americas as well.

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