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Where Are the Listeners?

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One of the frustrations of traditional radio broadcasting is that, until someone contacts you, you are never quite sure whether anyone is listening or where they are listening. Though there are some rough “rules of thumb” to estimate how many people listen for everyone who contacts you, it is impossible to know how big your audience really is – especially in a time of rapid social and economic change when it becomes expensive or dangerous to make contact.

Internet radio changes everything. It is now possible to know exactly how many people are listening to your programs. You can tell from where they are listening and for how long.

From the very beginning we’ve been getting an average of a little over 300 hits per day at Awaz-e-Haq World Radio. Here’s the breakdown from just a two-day period:

After eliminating everyone who tuned in for 10 seconds or less, we had 416 unique listeners. Of these, 47 listened for more than 4 minutes. Of the 47, 7 listened for more than 30 minutes. The location of some the 47 surprised us.

Afghanistan: city unknown; Canada: Etobicoke, Oakville; Finland: Helsinki; France: Paris, Valence; Gulf States: Dubai, Kuwait, Qatar, UAE; India: Bangalore, Calcutta, Calicut, Chandigarh, Delhi, Guwahati, Hyderabad, Madras, Mumbai, Pune, Patiala; Iran: city unknown; Israel: Tel Aviv; Maldive Islands: Maale; Pakistan: Islamabad, Karachi; Philippines: Bagumbayan; Saudi Arabia: Dummam, Jiddah, Riyadh; USA: Manteca.

The Internet is allowing us to reach an audience we could only have dreamed of before.

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