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A Holy Plate Of Rice

A Plat of RiceThe other day we received a letter from a Pakistani man who had never written to us before. According to the letter, about three years ago this man took his bicycle in for repair and walked into a controversy. A Christian had purchased a plate of cooked rice from a street vendor. The bicycle repairman was incensed that a “lowly Christian” had touched a Muslim’s dishes.

With some difficulty the man who wrote us was able to rescue the Christian from this situation. In the process he was impressed by the Christian’s faith and character. This piqued the man’s curiosity about Christianity. He got some literature from a friend which upheld the truth of Christianity. He read the Bible and learned that it is God’s living Word. He read the Qur’an which verifies that the Bible has not been changed and says that if Muslims have questions the Qur’an does not address to look for answers in the Bible.

After a time, this man received an invitation to attend a radio listener’s camp sponsored by one of the broadcasters we use. At the camp more of his questions were answered. He came to believe that good works cannot atone for sin – we are saved only by God’s grace. He realized that Jesus is God in the flesh and that Jesus gave His life as a sacrifice for us.

Another attendee was a man who came to Christ partially as a result of our radio programs. He struck up a friendship with the man who wrote us and helped teach him. The letter we received said, “I am so impressed by the genuine guidance _____ gave me that I want to become a member of the same church he belongs to.” He also wrote, “...I want a new life and new birth through being baptized into Jesus Christ. I need to experience the love of God the Father and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit.”

One of the churches is making arrangements to honor this man’s request for baptism.

Aside from the openness and honesty the man displays in his letter, the thing which impressed us was the impact a Christian’s example can have. Paul writes, “So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.” (1 Corinthians 10:31 NIV) When we put that principle into practice, God can use something as humble and ordinary as a plate of rice to lead someone to Christ.

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