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What motivates those of us in ministry? Why do we devote so much time, effort and resources to telling others about Jesus Christ? The easy explanation is that we do it out of love: love for our fellow human beings and, especially, love for Christ. While this is correct, the answer is actually far more complex. Paul writes that part of the reason he evangelized was he felt obligated to do so (Romans 1:14-15). In another place he writes that he is acting as an ambassador. In other words, he is representing and speaking on behalf of Christ (2 Corinthians 5:18-20). If nothing else, we serve from obedience: Jesus commanded us to preach the Gospel, therefore, that is what we do. There is, however, another reason. If the Gospel is true, it is far superior to any other message out there. It is something people need to hear.

QiblaOn his trip to Pakistan last November, Jonathan had a layover in Abu Dhabi. As he lay down on the bed in his hotel room he noticed something on the ceiling. Though he was exhausted after a long flight, he got back up to investigate. Without his glasses on, he couldn’t be sure what he was looking at. He didn’t want to share the room with a cockroach or something similar. It certainly didn’t look like a sprinkler-head. Even if it was, what was it doing over in the corner where two walls met?

He put his spectacles back on and cautiously moved closer, ready to jump back if the thing proved to be alive. Suddenly it came into focus and Jonathan chuckled at his own apprehensions as understanding dawned.

It is easy to get discouraged when we look at the world around us. Everywhere we look, we see an ocean of need. The needs are so great that no one person can ever hope to meet them. In comparison to the need, we have so little it is tempting to think that our little bit will make no difference. If we can’t even make a dent in the needs, why give at all?

At least that’s the way we humans tend to look at things. Fortunately, God has a different perspective.

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