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Traditionally, the month of January is the time when individuals and organizations declare what they hope to achieve during the coming year. Unfortunately, most people abandon their new-year’s resolutions within a few weeks.

There are many reasons why this occurs. One of them is confusing goals with dreams. The difference between them is that reaching goals is within our own abilities and efforts, while dreams depend on factors outside of our control. For example, suppose you would like to see ten people come to faith in Christ in the coming year. It’s an admirable desire, but someone coming to faith is out of your hands. Only the Lord, through the agency of the Holy Spirit can change someone’s heart so faith can take root. So, bringing ten people to Christ is a dream, not a goal. However, you can set a goal of presenting the gospel to ten people. That is something which is within your grasp.

Urdu New TestamentOne of our radio programs is an expository series on various Bible books. This is important because many of our listeners have had very little exposure to the Scriptures. In many, if not most cases, our listeners have never even seen a Bible, much less read it. They do not know what the Bible says, nor are they acquainted with many of the concepts taught in the Bible.

To help rectify this, in each program in this series we read a portion of the Bible text. Then, we explain it and show how it applies to our life or situation today.

This year we completed fifteen programs on the book of Galatians. The following is an excerpt from the first program:

“Perhaps the most important question we can ask is how to be at peace with God. We might ask the same question in other ways, such as, “How can I go to heaven?” or, “How can my sins be forgiven?” No matter how we ask it, the basic concern is what will happen to us after this life is over. Will God accept us or will He consign us to eternal punishment?

RadioWhen we began broadcasting back in 1971, short-wave radio was the only viable means to reach most of the population in countries like Pakistan. FM stations did not exist in Pakistan. TV and AM radio were only available in major cities. However, an even larger barrier was that mass media was entirely state-owned. Except for two occasions, Christmas and Easter, no programs related to Christ or Christianity were allowed. Airing programs like ours was out of the question.

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