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A Plat of RiceThe other day we received a letter from a Pakistani man who had never written to us before. According to the letter, about three years ago this man took his bicycle in for repair and walked into a controversy. A Christian had purchased a plate of cooked rice from a street vendor. The bicycle repairman was incensed that a “lowly Christian” had touched a Muslim’s dishes.

Winema Christian CampEven in ministry – perhaps especially in ministry – it is easy to lose sight of what God is doing in a broader context. We get so caught up in fulfilling our particular call that we can develop tunnel vision. The other side of the coin is that it is easy to become discouraged. You can start to feel that, like John the Baptist, you are a “voice crying in the wilderness.”

Recently, one of our staff members and his wife represented our work at the Wi-Ne-Ma Week of Missions on the Oregon coast. (Wi-Ne-Ma is sponsored by independent Christian Churches and Churches of Christ.) Not only did they man a booth and make a presentation about what we do, they got to attend the teaching sessions and hear about what others are doing. It was a time of refreshing and encouragement. Mission work is going on in more areas of the world than one might think and God is bringing people to Himself from many different cultures and language groups.

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We took our website for listeners (www.awazehaq.com) live in 2008. In each year since then, we’ve seen a steady increase in the number of visitors. But this year we’ve been excited by a marked increase in the rate of growth. Just seven months into 2012 we’ve already had 2884 visitors which is more than in all of 2011.