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The Media We Use

We use a variety of media to tell others about Christ:

Urdu Literature

We send a personal reply to each person who writes in response to our radio programs. In additon to letters, we often send them Christian literature. Some of the literature we have produced in the Urdu language is available at www.awazehaq.com. There we also provide links to Bibles in the Urdu and Hindi languages.






Raza Sings the PsalmsFrom time to time we publish material from our archive of recordings. A CD of Psalms, sung by the late Salim Raza, one of Pakistan's foremost gospel singers, in the Urdu language is available for purchase at www.anmolrecordings.com.








 Awaz-eHaqWe stream our radio programs over the Internet, 24/7, 365 days per year, under the name "Awaz-e-Haq World Radio". People can listen on smart-phones and tablets as well as via computer. Visit www.awazehaq.com for the appropriate links.




 We also broadcast into Pakistan by shortwave over the networks of FEBA and TWR.

FEBATo see the tramission schedule for FEBA go to www.febaradio.net and click on the "Pakistan, Afghanistan" link under "Schedule."





TWRTo view the broadcast schedule from TWR, go to www.twr.org/schedule and enter a search for Urdu. Look at the "Voice of Truth" line to see the details.

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